Kalita kh3 Coffee Grinder Review

Last Updated: March 2020

There are plenty of reasons to consider a manual coffee grinder. Whether you derive satisfaction from grinding your own beans, Kalita kh3 Coffee Grinder Reviewor want a portable option that will work during a power outage, this Kalita coffee mill KH-3 could be an excellent option.

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Features and Specifications        

  • Ergonomic design ensures your comfort
  • Canister and top fit together snugly to form a tight seal that will help preserve flavor
  • Easily adjustable for fine or coarse grinds

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This Kalita KH-3 retro grinder consists of a solid wooden base, with an iron well and handle that contains an Kalita kh3 Coffee Grinder Reviewergonomic wooden knob. At just 7.5 inches high and a mere 1.3 pounds, it is the perfect size grinder to hold in the palm of your hand. Its canister shape means that it also has a solid base, making it stable enough to use while placed on a kitchen countertop. Part vintage and part contemporary in design, this coffee grinder will look equally nice in elaborate, gourmet kitchens as it will simple, rustic ones.


While this grinder is generally easy to turn, there is a possibility of beans spilling out if the hopper is overloaded. This can be compensated for by gently bracing the grinder while in use. It may also take some practice before you become used to adjusting the grind. This requires you to remove a tabbed washer and then turn it clockwise for a larger grind or counter-clockwise for a finer grind. Once you get used to adjusting the grind, you should have no problem selecting exactly the right coarseness.


Its sturdy wooden and iron construction makes this coffee grinder one of the most durable on the market. Dry thoroughly after cleaning so that the inner parts do not stay wet, as this increases the odds of them rusting. So long as you do this, you can expect your coffee grinder to provide you with many years of quality service. Lightly wiping the outside down with coconut oil will give your grinder a nice shine and help prevent its wooden components from drying out.


This grinder can be found for somewhere between $20 and $25, making it one of the most affordable manual models. It will perform equally as well as others costing as much as $60, although more expensive grinders may allow you to grind larger quantities of beans. Therefore, if you plan to use this grinder only for personal use, you will find it an excellent value for your money, and will likely never need to purchase another coffee grinder again.

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Consumer Thoughts

Kalita kh3 Coffee Grinder Review
  • Design
  • Performance
  • Durability
  • Price


Overall, this grinder is highly recommended because of its value, user-friendly design, and durability.

Users were generally impressed with how easy it is to turn the crank, even when the hopper is completely full. That being said, it also requires approximately one hundred turns of the handle per cup of coffee. This is something that may initially be off-putting; however, most consumers get used to this after time and find that they are able to quickly churn out enough beans for a pot of coffee regardless.

A major selling point is the fact that there is no learning curve with this Kalita coffee mill. You’ll find it very simple to use, and equally as easy to take apart and clean when you are finished. The only down side is the need to unscrew the top to access your coffee after grinding. This is not an issue for most people, but you could nonetheless find it cumbersome if convenience is a high priority for you.

What people tend to enjoy most is the grinder’s appearance. Many experience a sense of nostalgia when using it, and claim that that feeling alone makes using it worthwhile. Others simply enjoy being able to display such an attractive looking grinder on their kitchen counter, as its unique design is extremely eye-catching.

Our Verdict


Overall, this grinder is highly recommended because of its value, user-friendly design, and durability. Even if you prefer a more deluxe grinder, you may still want to have one on hand for use in the event of a power outage. It would also be especially nice to carry with you while traveling or camping.

There are plenty of reasons to consider the Kalita KH-3, either as a backup grinder or for full-time use. Either way, this Kalita grinder is sure to provide you with practical benefits for years to come.

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Kalita kh3 Coffee Grinder Review
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