Gaggia MDF Coffee Grinder Review

Last Updated: March 2020

The best pot of coffee or espresso largely depends on the right grinder. If you are looking for a reliable machine to provide you gaggia 8002 MDF reviewwith consistent, even grinding, the Gaggia 8002 MDF coffee grinder could be just what you’re after.

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Features and Specifications

  • Commercial grade grinder with automatic dosing that delivers premeasured amounts of coffee
  • Precision-machined grinding burrs for even, accurate grinding
  • Adjustable for 34 custom levels of fineness
  • Lightly-tinted hopper with ten-ounce capacity
  • Gear reduction system for added torque while grinding
  • 100 watt motor

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This shiny, solid black grinder sits 20 inches high, providing a commanding appearance on any kitchen countertop. The plastic hopper and ground coffee containers are both tinted a light gray color to complement the exterior, while also providing beans some protection from direct light. It is virtually flat in back and on both sides, allowing it to fit snugly against the wall to conserve space. At the same time, its hopper, coffee container and cup holder contain gently curved lines, giving it a great deal of visual appeal.


One of the things this grinder is well known for is its ease of use. The easily-adjustable grinding burrs deliver precision results, and produce very little static in the process. Some users report this grinder is very noisy. This is something you may find problematic if you live in an apartment building or are concerned with waking others in your household while grinding beans for your morning coffee.


Since this is similar to a commercial grade grinder, every aspect of the Gaggia 8002 is expertly designed for enhanced durability. The hopper and grind containers are both made of impact-resistant plastic that is extremely difficult to scratch or mar. The only problem people tend to have is with the handle, which may break off after repeated use. Fortunately, you’ll find this part very easy to replace yourself in the event you do encounter this issue. Some users are able to get nearly a decade of use out of this grinder with virtually no problems whatsoever.


This machine will run you between $200 and $250, making it somewhat on the high end as far as personal use grinders go. On the other hand, if you plan to use it in your coffee shop or restaurant, you’ll likely find the price tag very affordable when compared to other models. Even if you are buying it for personal use, you may find the investment well worth it if you regularly grind large volumes of coffee beans or are looking for something that’s practical for long-term use.

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Consumer Thoughts

Gaggia MDF Coffee Grinder Review
  • Design
  • Performance
  • Durability
  • Price


If you are ready to take coffee grinding to the next level, consider a new Gaggia MDF. This coffee grinder will provide you with many years of reliable service, regardless of whether you desire it for business or home use.

The dispensing unit tends to work better when grinding six to twelve cups of coffee than it does one or two cups. That’s because smaller amounts will require you to pull the dosing lever several times, something that many people find cumbersome. While the doser may not operate ideally, it is nonetheless effective at removing clumps, which is often a problem with less expensive grinders.

Some users claim that there is too much variation between settings. For example, one setting may grind coffee too finely, but the next one may grind it too coarsely. This tends to be more of a problem when grinding beans for espresso than it does for drip coffee, latte, or mochas.

Long-time owners recommend pulling on the dosing lever very carefully so as not to break the spring. Should the spring snap, your Gaggia 8002 MDF will still work, but the lever will not snap back into position whenever you are done with it. Instead, you will have to put it in place manually.

Our Verdict


In all, we think the Gaggia MDF coffee grinder is a worthwhile investment for beginning and advanced baristas alike. The fact that it is extremely versatile means it will appeal to a wide range of people, and its user-friendly attributes greatly reduces the learning curve. Since it is also very rugged and durable, it will easily outlast two or three lower-priced models.

If you are ready to take coffee grinding to the next level, consider a new Gaggia MDF. This coffee grinder will provide you with many years of reliable service, regardless of whether you desire it for business or home use.

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Gaggia MDF Coffee Grinder Review
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