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Last Updated: March 2020

A burr coffee grinder will provide you with more even results, and make coffee grinding more convenient. Beginning or casual DeLonghi KG89 reviewgrinders who are looking for an inexpensive model to get started with may want to consider the DeLonghi KG89 Electric Burr coffee grinder.

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Features and Specifications

  • Quantity control knob easily allows you to select settings for between four and twelve cups of coffee, automatically shutting off when the right quantity is reached
  • Stainless steel body
  • Burr grinding wheel for uniform grinding
  • Self-contained cord storage
  • Lightweight and compact, weighing only four pounds and measuring just 10.2 x 5.1 x 6.3 inches.
  • Dual safety system prevents the grinder from being used whenever the lid or container are not positioned properly

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The Delonghi KG89 is a stylish, attractive coffee grinder with a shiny, stainless steel body and black accent trim. The hopper and ground coffee container are made of solid plastic, and contain the same symmetrical lines as the rest of the grinder. Overall, this is a very neat, compact appliance that will look nice in any kitchen, and will complement nearly any type of décor.


While consumers generally obtain very pleasing results, some remark that they do end up with some fines whenever grinding for a French press. There also tends to be some problems with static buildup inside the grind container, which often results in a mess. This can be resolved by keeping the container closed whenever you remove it, while also keeping the opening pointed upwards.

Those who are pleased with this grinder proclaim that it operates very quietly, and produces highly-accurate amounts of ground coffee. As such, it is an excellent choice for anyone who still uses a manual grinder because they are concerned with noise or being able to accurately control the amount of coffee they produce.


While it may not provide you with the longevity of a more expensive grinder, the DeLonghi KG89 will nonetheless offer years of quality service, provided you clean it on a regular basis. So long as you do that, you should see consistent results for as long as you own it.


You can generally find the DeLonghi KG89 Burr Coffee Grinder available for between $57 and $70. As such, those who are currently using a manual blade grinder will find it very affordable to upgrade. Most buyers agree it is a good value for the money, being priced neither too high nor too low.

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Consumer Thoughts

Delonghi KG89 Review
  • Design
  • Performance
  • Durability
  • Price


The right grind is so important when it comes to creating the perfect cup of coffee. If you are looking for an affordable electric grinder, you may want to take a look at the DeLonghi KG89.

A common problem regular users have involves the grind selector jamming. When this happens, it will become necessary to remove, clean, and re-install the knob. There is a precise method to doing this, something that many people have difficulty mastering. Other components of the machine also require frequent cleaning to keep the DeLonghi KG89 from jamming up.

What consumers are most pleased with is the design. The DeLonghi KG89 Burr Coffee Grinder tucks neatly away on a shelf or inside a cabinet, but is also easily displayed on a countertop. Many people appreciate the fact that it is very convenient to carry with them anywhere, and rely on it as a backup grinder whenever they are traveling.

Our Verdict


Given the fact that it seems to be a high-maintenance machine that often provides inconsistent results, our verdict is that the DeLonghi Burr Grinder KG89 is not for everyone. It may be a nice grinder to consider if you want a step up from your manual grinder or only plan to grind beans occasionally. You will likely get more enjoyment from it if you are grinding beans for regular drip coffee than you would if you prefer French press or espresso. If you are looking for a low cost replacement for your manual coffee grinder, this would be a wise choice as well.

The right grind is so important when it comes to creating the perfect cup of coffee. If you are looking for an affordable electric grinder, you may want to take a look at the DeLonghi KG89.

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Delonghi KG89 Review
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