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DeLonghi KG79 vs DeLonghi KG89

Last Updated: March 2020

The DeLonghi KH79 & KG89 are no longer our recommended coffee grinders from this brand, they’ve both been updated with new models both of which are excellent upgrades. These are the DeLonghi America KG521 & the DeLonghi Ariete both of which are available to purchase right now on Amazon.

Grinder manufacturers are constantly upgrading their appliances, coming out with new and improved models. DeLonghi is no exception, having upgraded its KG79 grinder to a newer KG89 one. It can be difficult to know which one is best, which is why we are offering this comparison of the DeLonghi KG89 vs KG79.

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DeLonghi KG79 FeaturesDeLonghi KG79 review

  • Easy control knob allows you to adjust settings for coarse, medium, or fine grinds
  • Quantity control feature makes it easy to grind between four and twelve cups of coffee
  • Removable, see-through coffee container makes it easy to access grounds
  • Dual system automatically shuts off whenever the lid or container is not in position
  • Burr grinding wheels for uniform texture
  • Self-contained cord storage to enhance safety and make transporting the grinder more convenient

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DeLonghi KG89 FeaturesDeLonghi KG89 review

  • Quantity control knob automatically shuts off when the right quantity is reached
  • 220 Volts of power for quick, even grinding
  • Burr grinding wheel, which provides consistent results on nearly any grind setting.
  • Lightweight, weighing in at less than four pounds
  • Integrated cord storage
  • Easy-to-remove ground coffee container

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Product Comparison


There is virtually no difference in design between the KG79 and KG89, aside from the fact that the KG89 contains a stainless steel exterior and the KG79 is solid black. Both have a rectangular-shaped body topped with a square lid made from lightly-tinted plastic. The same consistent lines are found throughout both machines, providing them with a simple appearance that is greatly enhanced by their shiny black trim and control knob.


Users give both of these grinders a 3.5 out of 5 stars as far as performance goes. There are however a few differences in the way the two units perform:

  • Those who purchased the KG79 claim that it provides very consistent results and operates very quietly. The main issues seem to come from static buildup inside the container. This causes grinds to stick to the container, and may even lead to them falling out onto your counter whenever you empty it.
  • Users seem to have difficulty with the KG89 when producing espresso grinds, claiming that the machine produces inconsistent results on this setting. On all other settings, it provides very consistent results with minimal coffee dust or static. It also produces very little noise or vibration, making it perfect for apartment dwellers.


Both models seem to be hit or miss as far as durability goes. While a good number of users have reported no problems, others tend to notice issues with the KG79 malfunctioning or having the sensor wear after a few months of heavy use. Others remark that they experienced issues with the KG89 in as little as two weeks after their purchase, but were able to return it to the manufacturer without hassle.


A brand new DeLonghi KG89 is generally available for between $80 and $100, which includes the cost of shipping. Finding a DeLonghi KG79 will be difficult, as the manufacturer no longer offers this model brand new. If you are able to find a quality used model, you can expect to pay between $60 and $70 for it, including the price of shipping.

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Categorical Comparison

Comparing the DeLonghi KG79 vs KG89 is a challenge, since these two models are nearly identical. However, there are a few slight differences you should consider:

  • Design – The size and shape of these two grinders is practically the same, with the only difference being that the KG79 has a black exterior and the KG89 is stainless steel.
  • Performance –The KG79 seems to provide more even, consistent results, especially on the espresso setting
  • Durability – This is a virtual toss-up, as consumers have reported issues with both models after only a short period of use.
  • Price – The DeLonghi KG89 will naturally cost more because it is a newer model; however, the price difference is fairly minimal.

Which is Best?         

You can expect about the same results from either grinder. A quality used KG79 grinder might be best as a backup unit or for occasional grinding, but you will likely prefer a KG89 for daily use due to its extended longevity.

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