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Capresso Infinity vs Bodum Bistro

Last Updated: March 2020

The perfect cup of coffee starts with the right grinder, which is why you’ll want to choose the ideal model for home use. Two that are very popular among consumers are the Capresso Infinity and Bodum Bistro, both of which will provide you with exceptional service at a very fair price.

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Capresso Infinity FeaturesCapresso Infinity coffee grinder

  • 100-watt conical burr grinder that contains 16 individual grind settings
  • 5-ounce bean container
  • Built-in timer for added convenience
  • 4-ounce grounds container
  • Gear-reduction motor to eliminate noise and static build-up
  • Safety lock system that prevents the machine from operating whenever the hopper is not in place

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Bodum Bistro Features

  • 14 grind settings that easily adjust from coarse to very fine bodum bistro coffee grinder
  • Glass catcher to reduce static that might cause coffee grounds to “jump” out onto your counter
  • Timed grinding feature
  • Tight-fitting silicone lid to preserve freshness
  • High quality stainless steel burrs that remain sharp even after repeated use

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Product Comparison


Consumers who would like an elegant, timeless design yet wish to have lots of color choices will appreciate either one of these models. There are however a few stylistic differences that are worth noting.

  • The Capresso Infinity contains smooth, clean lines, being relatively flat in back and slightly rounded in front. The clear, round hopper contains a tight-fitting lid that blends seamlessly into its container, which is surrounded by buttons that somewhat resemble piano keys. This grinder is available in black, brushed silver, and stainless.
  • The Bodum Bistro possesses a more rounded appearance both in front and along both sides. Its cone-shaped hopper is accented by a solid black lid with a very wide rim that matches the body of the grinder and draws the two sections together. This appliance is available in red, black, white, green, and orange.


When choosing the ideal coffee grinder, a great deal of emphasis is normally placed on performance. Here’s how these two models compare with one another:

  • The Capresso Infinity performs quite well in most cases; however, there does seem to be some problems with grounds building up underneath the top burr when grinding oily or dark roasts. So long as you brush this excess away, you should find this build-up has little effect on how efficiently your machine operates.
  • Consumers also report that leftover grounds seem to accumulate inside the Bodum Bistro. To remove these leftovers, you will need to run a tablespoon of white rice through your machine on a weekly basis. Aside from that, it operates very quietly, producing little heat or static that would undermine the flavor of your beans.


If you truly want to determine which coffee grinder is the best deal for your money, you’ll need to look at durability. Here are what some long-time users have to say about each of these grinders:

  • A good number of consumers report that they have had very few problems with their Capresso Infinity, even after four or five years’ worth of regular use. The only problem that seems to occur on a semi-regular basis involves the timer breaking, something that is more likely to occur if you use this button to turn your machine off.
  • The Bodum Bistro does contain plastic drive gears, which can wear out over time. The frequency in which these gears wear out varies-some users report issues after only a few months, while others never experience them at all. You are more likely to encounter this issue if you grind enough coffee for a pot or more each day than you are if you are a low-volume grinder.


You’ll find the Capresso Infinity available for between $70 and $90, while the Bodum Bistro will cost between $99 and $140. At this price range, you can expect something slightly nicer than an entry-level grinder; however, it is safe to say that both of these models far surpass that norm.

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Categorical Comparison

With each one having its own advantages and disadvantages, it is important to compare the two in each category to come up with an overall winner.

  • Design – This one is a toss-up really, but you may consider the Bodum Bistro the winner if you prefer bright, vibrant colors.
  • Performance – Both seem to perform equally well and have the same problem with accumulating bean residue. The Bodum Bistro may nonetheless provide you with a slight advantage if you regularly grind oily beans.
  • Durability – The Capresso Infinity does not contain plastic drive gears, which means you can eliminate the concern over that part wearing out by choosing it over the Bodum Bistro.
  • Price – Given the fact that the Bodum Bistro is considerably more expensive and may also have durability issues, it seems that the Capresso Infinity is the best deal for the money.

Which is Best?

We recommend the Capresso Infinity over the Bodum Bistro, due to its lower price and comparable performance.  However, you may feel spending the extra money is worthwhile if you are particularly concerned with design or color.

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