Brillante Manual Coffee Grinder Review

Last Updated: March 2020

One tool coffee lovers should have in their arsenal is a manual coffee grinder. An efficient, user-friendly model to consider is the Brillante manual coffee grinder, which is ideal for beginning and advanced grinders alike.

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Features and Specifications

  • Stainless steel construction prevents static buildup to eliminate messBrillante Manual Coffee Grinder
  • Conical-style burr for consistent, even grinding
  • Storage hopper holds approximately 38 grams of ground coffee
  • Adjustment tab contains “clicks” that will help you better manage your favorite grind settings
  • Its size and design makes it easy to grip and keeps the unit from wobbling during operation

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Weighing in at just under 9 ounces, this Brillante coffee grinder is only 7.5 inches high and 1.89 inches in diameter, making it easy to pack in your travel bag. Its size also makes it very easy to hold onto while grinding. The sturdy stainless steel cylinder contains an ergonomic knob and handle, along with a narrow window that easily allows you to gauge your progress. The fact that it is made from stainless steel also gives it a shiny, polished look, helping it maintain its “like new” appearance for longer.


Users remark that this is one of the easiest manual coffee grinders to operate. Many report turning the handle to be nearly effortless, even when grinding beans to a very fine consistency. It also operates very quietly when compared to other manual grinders. A common theme when reading most Brillante coffee grinder reviews is that it produces very consistent results whether you are using it for espresso or Turkish coffee. Many consumers also use it for grinding spices, and report they achieve excellent results from doing so.


This Brillante grinder stands up well to repeated use, as there are few mechanical parts to wear out. There is one black and one silver ring inside the burr assembly that may wear out over time, but fortunately these two pieces are very easy and inexpensive to replace. Disassemble and clean your grinder from time to time to prevent buildup, and you can easily expect this machine to withstand several years of repeated use.


The price of this Brillante small French press ranges from around $20 to as high as $35. When you consider how durable and easy to use this product is, it’s easy to see that this grinder is an excellent value for the money, far outlasting and outperforming other models in a similar price range.

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Consumer Thoughts

Brillante Manual Coffee Grinder Review
  • Design
  • Performance
  • Durability
  • Price


The Brillante manual coffee grinder’s attractive design and versatile functionality make it an excellent choice for nearly anyone.

Consumers overall are very pleased with how efficiently the Brillante grinder operates. They find changing the grind size very simple, requiring no tools whatsoever. A Brillante manual coffee grinder review will often state just how quickly people are able to grind beans. Unlike other models that can require hundreds of turns, it is possible to grind approximately 6 tablespoons of beans in around one minute and twenty seconds. Six tablespoons of beans is normally sufficient for serving two people.

Others enjoy the fact that the grinder is easy to disassemble and store. This is an especially nice perk for those who wish to take the Brillante coffee grinder with them while traveling. Even the handle is very easy to remove by using a hex bit. Internal parts may quickly be removed and washed whenever the unit requires a thorough cleaning.

The down side is that it is not intended for grinding large volumes of beans. While it is perfect for grinding enough for only one or two cups, it would not be practical for grinding beans for an entire pot of coffee. As such, you may find it inadequate if you typically brew a full pot of coffee at one time or plan to serve large groups.

Our Verdict


The Brillante manual coffee grinder’s attractive design and versatile functionality make it an excellent choice for nearly anyone. It is an especially good option to consider if you want a durable coffee grinder, yet do not wish to invest a great deal of money in one. You may also want to consider it as a backup grinder for use on the road or in the event of a power outage.

As you can see from this Brillante coffee grinder review, this is one model you should highly consider. Owning one of these grinders will allow you to enjoy freshly-ground beans to your exact specifications regardless of where you are.

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