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Bodum Bistro vs Baratza Encore

Last Updated: March 2020

A quality grinder will greatly enhance your coffee-brewing experience. Two moderately-priced coffee grinders you may want to consider for your own home are the Bodum Bistro and Baratza Encore. Both will make it very easy for you to enjoy freshly-ground coffee, and here is an overview of each one.

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Bodum Bistro FeaturesBodum Bistro Review

  • Available in four colors: black, white, red, and green
  • A glass catcher, which reduces static to prevent coffee grounds from spilling out
  • Easily-adjustable burrs for more precision results
  • Timed grinding feature that allows you to set it and walk away

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Baratza Encore Featuresbaratza encore grinder

  • Front-mounted pulse button makes grinding on demand a breeze
  • Electric and gear speed reducers slow the burrs to 450 RPM, reducing heat and noise
  • DC motor that keeps beans cool during grinding
  • 8-ounce bean hopper, with the ability to add extenders for even greater capacity

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Product Comparison


Both of these machines have a very sleek, modern appearance; however, there are some stylistic differences.

  • The Bodum Bistro is slightly rounded in back, with curves that are even more pronounced in front. The clear hopper is offset with a solid black lid, and the red control knobs on the top and side accentuate its features, while also making the machine very easy to operate.
  • The Baratza Encore’s black exterior is offset by its smoke-colored hopper. It is rather square all the way around, with gentle curves along the side to soften the look somewhat. The cone-shaped hopper provides an added touch of visual appeal.


Finding a coffee grinder that performs well is even more important than choosing an attractive model. Here’s what users note most about these two models.

  • The Bodum Bistro does tend to provide very consistent results; however, a common problem people have involves leftover grinds sticking to the machine. This requires users to regularly clean and/or run rice through the machine to remove the leftovers and prevent damage to the inner components.
  • The Baratza Encore provides consistent results on most of its settings; however, there are some problems with grinds being finer than expected on some of its coarser settings. Even so, it does operate very quietly, and produces very little heat or static.


In addition to performance and price, it is also important to choose a durable model. Here is what you can expect with either of these machines as far as durability goes:

  • A problem with many coffee grinders is the use of low-quality ABS plastic housings near the burrs, which is something you won’t find with the Bodum Bistro. Instead, these housings are made from nylon or high-quality plastic for added flexibility and longevity. The stainless steel burrs can also withstand repeated use without becoming dull.
  • While most users report no problems with the Baratza Encore, others claim that it jammed after only a few uses. Consumers with this issue report that Baratza’s customer service department quickly resolved the problem. This problem seems to be extremely rare, as most people report they have experienced no problem with their machine even after years of consistent use.


The Bodum Bistro will run you between $100 and $150, while the Baratza Encore typically costs anywhere from $129 to $229. Since the price does tend to fluctuate a great deal on both these models, we recommend comparing the cost on several different websites in order to find the best deal.

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Categorical Comparison

These two coffee grinders both have some advantages and disadvantages, which is why it is important to see how they stack up in the various categories:

  • Design – The Bodum Bistro does have a more professional appearance, and when you consider that it comes in four color choices, it is clearly the winner in the design category.
  • Performance – Both of these models will perform equally well, although you may prefer the Baratza Encore if you are considered about the possibility of grinds sticking to the container.
  • Durability – The Bodum Bistro has a slight edge over the Baratza Encore as far as durability goes because of the quality of parts used during manufacturing.
  • Price – The Baratza Encore is normally a bit pricier, but you may actually be able to grab one for not much more money than the Bodum Bistro if you are lucky.

Which is Best?

Overall, the Bodum Bistro is the best deal for the money. Not only is it normally less expensive, but its high-quality design will provide you with many years of long lasting service, so long as you take care to clean the leftover grinds from it on a regular basis.

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