The Best Grinder Brands of 2020

Last Updated: March 2020

Grinding your own beans will provide you with fresher, better-tasting coffee, provided you have the right grinder. There is a myriad of choices available in both manual and electric grinders, and here are just a few brands you may want to consider.

Brands we mention…


Hario is a Japanese-based manufacturer of brewing equipment, particularly heatproof glass. In addition to a wide variety of carafes, decanters, and kettles, they also offer several hand grinder models that are capable of grinding between 50 and 100 grams of coffee. Many of them contain a vintage appeal, having a solid wooden base and ergonomic stainless steel or iron handles. There are also more modern grinders with clear canisters and ceramic or stainless steel bases. You’ll find Hario coffee grinders among some of the most durable and easy to use on the market.

Some of the most popular choices from Hario include:

Mr. Coffee

While this manufacturer may be best known for its line of coffee makers, Mr. Coffee nonetheless offers numerous grinder choices. At first glance, you may easily confuse these grinders with other more expensive models, as their attractive appearance gives them the look and feel of other high-end machines. You’ll find both blade and burr grinders available, along with features such as static-free, tinted hoppers and multiple fineness settings.

Some top Mr. Coffee Models include:


Capresso is well known for their line of home coffee makers, espresso machines, and other kitchen appliances. They rely on the latest advances in technology to give all of their produces an added edge. Their industry breakthroughs have been featured in high-profile publications such as Cook’s Illustrated, Good Housekeeping, and Organic Spa Magazine, and have also been seen on the Food Network, and Good Morning America.

These are a few of the top Capresso coffee grinders:

Hamilton Beach

A household name for a number of years, Hamilton Beach provides a number of other kitchen products ranging from toasters to slow cookers. Their line of coffee grinders are known for their ease of use and precision measuring, allowing you to effortlessly grind exact amounts of coffee. These grinders come with enhanced safety features, shutting off automatically to prevent injury. They are also very easy to clean, as most models are even dishwasher safe.

Some of the top-rated models offered by Hamilton Beach are:


One thing that sets Baratza apart from its competitors is its commitment to customer support. This company provides troubleshooting and grinding tips, in addition to ongoing support from its global team. Aside from mastering the features, you are likely to have very few problems with your Baratza grinder, as this company is also known for producing high quality products that are useful for a number of applications.

Top models include:


Krups and delicious coffee are synonymous, so it’s no surprise that in addition to its full line of cappuccino makers and frothers, that this manufacturer also offers several grinder choices. Many of them are suitable for commercial as well as home use, and operate very quietly and efficiently. A few of their models are even useful for grinding herbs and spices.  Regardless of which model you choose, you’ll find that all of the grinders in the Krups collection are surprisingly affordable.

Top choices available from Krups include:

Within these different brands, there are a variety of grinders in every price range. As such, you will find it easy to find an electric or manual coffee grinder that suits your needs precisely.

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